Research Policies

1. Preamble

This document presents the Research Policy of the University of Ibadan. The document provides guidelines for research activities that will ensure excellence and integrity in the conduct of research.

2. Goal

The goal of this research policy is to encourage quality research activities in the University in line with its vision to be a world class institution, distinguished by its research and teaching outputs. The emphasis of the policy is, therefore, to strengthen research and scholarship by staff and students in all areas that will benefit society at the local, national and global levels.

3. Objectives

The objectives of this policy are to:

  • consolidate the position of the University of Ibadan as a centre of excellence for research activities;
  • increase innovative and cutting-edge research activities among staff and students;
  • facilitate continuous research capacity building among staff and students;
  • encourage the mainstreaming of research outcomes into teaching and community service.

4. Scope

The policy shall apply to all staff and students of the University of Ibadan and all users of its diverse resources for research.

The University shall ensure that research activities are in line with its vision and mission and also respond to national research priorities.

5. Research by staff

Subject to compliance with the University’s values and ethical principles, all academic members of staff have:

  • Both the right and the obligation to conduct research and disseminate their findings;
  • The right to seek research funds in support of their research.
  • Nothing in this policy shall be construed as exempting any member of the academic staff from teaching and/or other responsibilities solely on the basis of the research record of the person
  • Staff, students and visiting scholars shall adhere to the University’s ethical standards for research.
  • The principal investigators in research projects have the primary responsibility to ensure the quality, reliability and integrity of research outputs disseminated by them.

6. Promoting excellence in research

The University shall establish a Research Management Office to coordinate all sponsored research activities and carry out any other activities that may be assigned to it by the University through any of its organs.

  • All academic units shall have research agenda, containing goals, priorities, and implementation strategies.
  • Research in the University’s priority research areas shall be encouraged through competitive funding.
  • Evidence of research capability shall be a significant requirement for recruitment.

7. Research capacity building

  • The University shall constantly build research capacity among staff and students through training in grantsmanship, research methodology, ethical practice and research management.
  • It shall be the responsibility of postgraduate supervisors to ensure that their graduate students and junior academic staff are properly mentored to conduct high quality research.
  • The University shall promote multidisciplinary, transdisciplinary and international collaborative research aimed at knowledge, skill and technology exchanges and transfer.
  • The University shall ensure that resources for cutting-edge research are available and adequate at all times.

8. Research Ethics and Integrity

The University shall set up an outfit, called the Ethical Research Review Board, which shall coordinate all matters pertaining to research integrity and ethics relating to the use of various subjects for research purposes.

9. Research Development Fund

The University shall establish and operate a Research Development Fund (RDF). The principal function of the RDF shall be to develop capacity in grantsmanship. The RDF shall derive its funding principally from:

  • A line item in the University budget;
  • One percent (1%) of the University’s share of the indirect costs of grants;
  • Any other source.
  • The RDF shall be managed by the Research Management Sub-committee of the Development Committee.

10. Research Equipment

Ownership of, and title to, equipment acquired by means of sponsored research grants shall be vested in the University. Such equipment shall not be sold, transferred or otherwise disposed of without approval of the University. Notwithstanding the foregoing, special circumstance may arise, such as movement of a Principal Investigator/Project Director (PI/PD) to another institution, when equipment may be transferred to another institution.

11. Transferring existing grant

The procedure for transferring an existing grant to another institution shall be as follows. The PI/PD shall take the following actions

  • obtain approval from UI to transfer the grant;
  • disclose and confirm the status of any cost sharing or matching commitment by UI.
  • conform with the sponsor’s conditions for transfer;
  • discuss any Intellectual Property(IP) issues with UI;
  • complete all processes and necessary paperwork required by UI and the sponsor
  • The Research Management Office (RMO) shall take the following actions:
  • ascertain the exact amount of unexpended or uncommitted funds;
  • review any cost sharing or matching commitments, ascertaining which have been met and which will be transferred;
  • review agreements for sub-grants, if any, ascertaining which ones have been completed and which have not;
  • review agreements for equipment purchases; capitalized equipment purchased on the existing grant may move with the PI/PD;
  • review commitments to personnel, including graduate students.

12. Authorship

The University shall develop and operate a policy on Authorship.

13. Intellectual Property

The University shall develop and operate a policy on Intellectual Property. Staff, students and visiting scholars shall abide by the Intellectual Property policy. Staff, students and visiting scholars shall acknowledge the contribution by the University to the success of their research activities in all publications and research outputs.

14. Research Agreements and Contracts

The University shall honour all its research agreements and contracts.

15. Publicity and Commercialization

The research activities and outputs of the University shall be widely publicized. The University shall constantly identify its high potential research outputs and work toward their dissemination and commercialization.

16. Institutional memory

The University Library shall maintain a database of the University’s past and current research activities. The database shall be accessible to all authorized staff and students.

17. University entities that will ensure the implementation of the policy

The following University entities shall be at the forefront of the implementation of this Research Policy:

  • Research Management Sub-committee of the Development Committee;
  • Research Management Office;
  • Academic units: College of Medicine, Postgraduate School, Faculties, Institutes, Departments, and Centres;
  • Office of International Programmes.

18. Policy review

This policy shall be reviewed periodically.

Research Management Office, Pro Chancellor's lodge
University of Ibadan, Ibadan

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